Singin’ in the Ukraine

By James Power


This hour of tunes was culled from over 1000 songs we picked up on CDR in Ukraine. The exception is track 1, which we got from Far From Moscow, a fantastic catalog of artists from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and the Baltics.  You’ll notice as well that, because the Cyrillic track information sometimes didn’t upload properly and was lost, we don’t know who performed track 14.  We also know nothing about track 5 other than that we like it.

A lot of the older tracks came from an epic Soviet collection we picked up in Odessa, so they’re not specifically Ukrainian, and there’s one track from Zdob Si Zdub, a Moldovan band that’s popular in Ukraine.  As it happens we did spend about 15 minutes in Moldova coming into Ukraine from Romania.  Tracks 11 and 15 were the best cuts from a strange karaoke-MIDI heavy Odessa compilation we found.

We tried to give as good and as broad a sampling as we could from what we came across. We hope you enjoy it!!

Huge thanks to Sergei and Nikita.  Not only could we not have put this together without you, after all was said and done, Mikolaev was still the funnest night of the rally!

Tracklist –

1.  Бэппе – Зеркало Времени (feat. Ритмо)

Beppe – Zerkalo Vremeni (feat. Ritmo) 1:01:10









2. ЗОДИАК – Зодиак

Zodiac – Zodiac 0:59:48








3. В. Толкунова – Я Не Могу Иначе

V. Tolkunova – Ya Ne Mogu Inache  0:56:19









4. Колледж – Мой милый ангел

College – Moyi Miliyi Angel 0:53:25








5. Artist and Title Unknown 0:49:15



6.  Вєрка Сердючка – Всё будет хорошо

Verka Serdyuchka – Vse Bydet Horosho  0:46:08








7. Поющие гитары – Цыганочка

Poyushie Guitar –  Tsiganochka 0:42:17










8. Поющие сердца – Кто тебе сказал

Poyushie Serdtsa – Kto Tebe Skozol  0:40:12










9. Zdob Si Zdub – Batuta [Moldovan]  0:37:49









10. ТНМ Конго – По барабану

TNM Congo – Po Barabanu 0:36:08










11. А.Полотно – одесский разговор

A. Polotno – Odesskiy Razgovor  0:32:52










12. Voo Voo & Гайдамаки – Думка Для Китона

VooVoo & Haydamaky – Dumka Dla Kitona 0:28:25











13. Самоцветы – Увезу тебя в тундру

Samotsvety – Uvezu Tebya v Tundru 0:26:07









14. Unknown Artist – Висить Ябко, Висить

Unknown Artist- Visit Yabka, Visit 00:23:33




15. К.Дроздовская – соборка

K. Drozdovskaya – Soborka 0:21:26









16. Pуслана – Коломийка

Ruslana – Kolomiyika 0:17:30








17. Э. Пьеха – Хорошо

E. Piekha – Horosho 0:13:29









18. Lюk –  L’Emozzione

Luk – L’Emozzione 0:11:05







19. Веселые Ребята – Не Волнуйся, Тетя

Veselie Pebyata – Ne Volnuyitesi, Tetya 0:07:21









20.  Лейся песня – Сапожни

Leyisya Pesnya – Sapozhnik 0:03:05

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