Adventures in Roadside Camping

In which our convoy makes Mongolian friends and learns why not to start conspicuous campfires by the side of the road.  Kick your feet up for 20 minutes while we tell our story.   Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Share on Facebook Share on Linkedin Tumblr it Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on […]

The Kyrgyz Podcast – Komuz Together

The Kyrgyz Podcast - Komuz Together

We selected many of these tracks from CD-Rs we bought from a particularly grumpy-looking vendor at the Osh Bazaar in Bishkek.  Others are from a CD given to us by KUT, a family of incredible musicians we visited at their home on Lake Issyk Kul. You’ll hear a lot of komuz in this podcast.  The ancient […]

Қазақстан pай білдіру – Kazakhstan represent

Қазақстан pай білдіру - Kazakhstan represent

For Kazakhstan, we put together a slammin’ half-hour of tunes hailing from a few of the cities we passed through.  It’s by far our most diverse podcast.  There’s some opera, some metal, and a lot of hip-hop.  There are also a few fine samplings of Kazakhstan’s two most typical traditional instruments, the lute-like dombra, and […]

Only Fools Russia In

Only Fools Russia In

Our Russia podcast pulls several more tracks from the goldmine of a Soviet collection we picked up in Odessa.  There were too many great tracks to fit into one podcast, so we split them between Ukraine and Russia.  Tracks 2, 7, and 14 are from a pair of discs we picked up in Elista, a […]

Singin’ in the Ukraine

Singin' in the Ukraine

This hour of tunes was culled from over 1000 songs we picked up on CDR in Ukraine. The exception is track 1, which we got from Far From Moscow, a fantastic catalog of artists from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and the Baltics.  You’ll notice as well that, because the Cyrillic track information sometimes didn’t upload properly […]