What’s this year’s hot summer jam in Almaty, Kazakhstan?

What does the central bazaar in Tashkent, Uzbekistan sound like?

What can you hear on the Mongolian steppe when there’s no yurt for 10 miles?

The Silk Road in Stereo is an audio exploration of Europe, Central Asia, and Mongolia, presented as a series of curated audio pieces.

This series of sounds is being collected during the 2011 Mongol Rally. Rather than just drive 10,000 km and call it a day, we’ve decided to dedicate our trip along the ancient Silk Road to collecting the sounds of this diverse landscape and bringing them back home to share. As we travel across the massive Eurasian landmass, with it’s incredible cultures, histories and peoples, we plan to capture as much of the soundscape as possible – from seeking out local pop music on CD-R and capturing off-air radio, to making field recordings of performances, bazaars, and daily life. The result will be a series of carefully curated audio works, including CD and downloadable music compilations, podcasts, and soundscapes, all of which will be presented here. New items will be added to the site for at least a year following the trip, which begins July 23, 2011.

Tune in!